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About Paco Media Group and Terry Kate

Paco Media Group is the creation of Terry Kate, a writer, publishing professional, and a woman that is passionate about helping others share their gifts with the world.


PMG has assisted Authors, Fitness Teachers, Life Coaches, and​ Small Businesses market and promote everything from yoga classes to books, cds to online apps. Our focus is working with our clients to support them. To help make decisions and marketing plans with services to help with Social Media and design for websites and products.

Everyone has a different skill set and our approach is to work closely so you aren't paying for services you don't need. The process of creation is very individual and the steps you take to share the products of your labor should be as well.


So here is my opportunity to share a bit about me. I am a writer and I love it, but I have always enjoyed the challenge of where to take a book once the writing is done. How to get that work into the hands of readers and how to do that without making yourself miserable.  Social Media, marketing, and promotion are not for everyone. In an ideal world very little time would be spent on that and artists would use their energy to create. 

This is not the reality for the artists and entrepreneurs today. I hate to be the one to point that out when we would like to focus on the shiny fun parts. So as I began to work with wonderful creative beings I developed tools and approaches to help them get the most out of their time online. This is not just for people with big budgets, but one $50 consult can save you hours and hours searching through contradictory information online.

I love talking to people, please reach out and email to connect so I can offer you the benefit of thousands of hours working in publishing, promoting NYT Bestselling Authors, running a conference for Book Bloggers and Publishers, writing dozens of books for Small Presses and Self-publication. I have been on expert panels at writing conventions and for writers groups, as well as being an organizer for a Screenwriting Program.

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