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Marketing & Branding

The Message You Share with the World

We hear the word "Brand" a lot today when we are online. The basic idea is to sit down and decide what is an authentic representation that can be shared.

You are searching to make a connection with your audience. That isn't easy and focusing on who you are trying to reach when marketing takes so many different roads to reach the same destination. Paco Media Group specializes in taking the time to build your vision, from the creative steps, to the Social Media Bios, to the website, to the online ads, mailing lists, and newsletters. 

Branding is important when you have a product, or a book. When you as the creator become part of the brand it can be even harder to see the forest for the trees. Let us help you find those searching for the service you offer. How are people finding you online? Where can you spend your time and effort to have the biggest impact? 



Published Authors


Aspiring Writers


Personal Coaches






Pre-Publication Consults

If you are starting your writing journey with the goal of Publication it can be a very confusing and overwhelming time. Self-publishing, choosing and submitting to Editors and Agents, today's industry has many roads to reaching readers. What is right for you and your work is different for every individual.

Have the support to talk through your options, get resources, and just understand a little more about how publishing works with a one-on-one counseling session. Save time and energy and make informed decisions about your career and future as a writer!

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