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Support for Writers

Fostering Creativity and Productivity


Pre-Publication Consults

If you are starting your writing journey with the goal of Publication it can be a very confusing and overwhelming time. Self-publishing, choosing and submitting to Editors and Agents, today's industry has many roads to reaching readers. What is right for you and your work is different for every individual.

Have the support to talk through your options, get resources, and just understand a little more about how publishing works with a one-on-one counseling session. Save time and energy and make informed decisions about your career and future as a writer!


Coaching for Writers

As writers the process of creating can feel lonely and leave us wondering about the projects we are working on. Staying motivated and focused without support when our lives want to pull us in a dozen directions is a challenge. If you think you could benefit from the guidance a Writing Coach can offer please contact us to set up a free consultation.

Using writing exercises, time management techniques, and having a customized writing plan, you can move forward with confidence. This is not an editing service though that can be part of the support we offer. Even just consistent feedback can be a huge benefit.


Writing Workshops

Stress and an inability to focus can be obstacles for writers. Feeling blocked, or even dreading the empty page is not uncommon. Workshops guided by Terry Kate, a trained meditation instructor and fellow writer, utilize a number of techniques to get you back into the body and into a space of creativity.

Plotting, dialogue, story, these are all important parts of creating engaging works that will draw readers. As the voice and vision behind this process you too need to connect to these emotions. Workshops use movement, writing, and sharing to help reconnect.

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